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    JD253 Cowpokes

    Fun designs for the horse enthusiast.
       5x7 designs (split for 4x4)

    Have fun with a matching font set Lil' Wrangler and JD254 Cowpoke Accents


    These designs are fun and easy to multihoop!

    click here to see projects using these designs

    JD253_01 Dude
    161.6mm x 90.9mm
    10,779 stitches

    JD253_02 Wrangler
    175mm x 94.6mm
    12,643 Stitches

    JD253_03 Cowboy Up
    171.0mm x 115.2mm
    9,229 stitches

    JD253_04 Lil Bronc
    174.5mm x 121.7mm
    11,994 stitches

    JD253_05 Yee Haw
    148.3mm x 118.4mm
    12,557 stitches

    JD253_06 Rodeo
    169.1mm x 112.5mm
    12,384 stitches

    JD253_07 Cowpoke
    175.3mm x 91.5mm
    12,313 stitches

    JD253_08 Ride
    171.4mm x 105.8mm
    14,746 stitches

    JD253_09 Horse
    175.7mm x 96.3mm
    14,179 stitches

    JD253_10 Wild Mustang
    177.2mm x 115.9mm
    13,977 stitches

    JD253_11 Boss
    167.2mm x 111.5mm
    11,740 stitches

    JD253 Sample
    96.0mm x 94.5mm
    Download Free Sample


    Projects using these designs

    Elaine made a special burp cloth for a lucky baby. 
    I like the design of this burp cloth with the neck cutout.  Gives you a nice close fit!


    Sharon made this adorable dress for her Little Dudette!  She picked perfect fabric for the skirt!

    Every little horse needs a Cowpoke to take loving care of it!
    Kim H. made this absolutely adorable dress for an absolutely adorable girl!

    Ruth made 2 placemats - Dude and Dudette.  Perfect for a chuck wagon feast!


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    It is a violation of copyright law to sell, trade, copy, transfer, share with friends or send by e-mail copies of these designs!  Designs may be stitched onto items for sale or for gifts.  Further information may be found in the text file associated with each design.

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