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    JD243 Horse Sparkle

    Fun designs for the horse enthusiast.
         Regular $34.99

    Designs fit the 5x7 hoop and have been split for the 4x4

    Click on these links to see  Matching font Shoe Fun  and JD244 Sparkling Accents 

    JD243-01 Cowgirls Rule!
    175.6mm x 124.6
    16,674 stitches

    JD243-02 Horses
    154.7mm x 106.1
    12,310 stitches

    JD243-03 Saddle Up English
    135.9mm x 111.1mm
    13,771 stitches

    JD243-04 Giddy Up
    168.9mm x 76.2mm
    12,030 stitches

    173.4mm x 115.8mm
    11,980 stitches
    JD243-06 Yee-Haw
    175.1mm x 87.4mm
    11,058 stitches

    JD243-07 Whoa
    172.5mm x 112.5mm
    12,152 stitches

    JD243-08 Pony
    172.3mm x 111.6mm
    12,936 stitches

    JD243-09 Filly
    171.8mm x 102.2mm
    11,205 stitches

    JD243-10 Trot
    176.3mm x 128.4mm
    10,854 stitches

    JD243-11 Saddle Up Western
    135.4mm x 113.6mm
    13,511 stitches

    JD243 Barbed Wire Wreath
    Sample Download

    Great Projects!
    click on the pictures to enlarge

    Gail B made this great sweatshirt using fonts from
    Shoe Fun and the Horses design.  I love the trim!

    Elinor M. embroidered this fun colorful shirt using Shoe Fun font and several designs from this set.  I think everyone will know that Elinor loves horses!

    Vanessa B. made this great pocketbook and added the Cowgirls Rule! design. She also attached the a FSL Horse Head from collection JD212.  A great purse for a cowgirl!

    Helen S. made this fun colorful quilt using several of the designs from this set. I love the way she put this together!

    Sharon P. made this dress.  It is just adorable. Every little cowgirl would love to wear this!  YEE-HAW!

    Dottie embroidered her name on this chair.
    Now everyone knows who is sitting here :)

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    It is a violation of copyright law to sell, trade, copy, transfer, share with friends or send by e-mail copies of these designs!  Designs may be stitched onto items for sale or for gifts.  Further information may be found in the text file associated with each design.

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