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      JD064-20 Around the Barn Alphabet - lower case letters included

    Designs fit 4x4 hoop         $39.00

    Format   Size     

    Sample of Designs grouped together - lowercase alphabet included!


    JD064_20 A Apple
    77.8mm x 69.9mm
    8,585 stitches

    JD064_20 B Bucket
    70.0mm x 74.6mm
    10,503 stitches

    JD064_20 C Chaps
    86.5mm x 80.2mm
    8,905 stitches

    JD064_20 D Donkey
    97.5mm x 76.3mm
    15,076 stitches

    JD064_20 E Equine
    94.7mm x 85.2mm
    10,131 stitches

    JD064_20 F Filly
    85.2mm x 81.2mm
    9,078 stitches

    JD064_20 G Girth
    91.0mm x 76.8mm
    10,996 stitches

    JD064_20 H Hook Horse
    79.3mm x 79.4mm
    10,665 stitches

    JD064_20 I  Ivemectrin
    60.1mm x 79.4mm
    5,318 stitches

    JD064_20 J Jump
    76.0mm x 80.4mm
    7,495 stitches

    JD064_20 K Kicking
    81.3mm x 79.7
    10,898 stitches

    JD064_20 L Lead
    63.5mm x 83.0mm
    7,291 stitches

    JD064_20 M Molasses
    88.4mm x 76.2mm
    12,677 stitches

    JD064_20 N Nails
    87.5mm x 83.2mm
    9,259 stitches

    JD064_20 O Oxer
    73.4mm x 79.0mm
    9,801 stitches

    JD064_20 P Pads
    80.9mm x 74.3mm
    8,682 stitches

    JD064_20 Q Quadrem
    97.6mm x 84.4mm
    11,709 stitches

    JD064_20 R Rake
    75.1mm x 79.2mm
    9,812 stitches

    JD064_20 S Saddle
    50.5mm x 82.1mm
    5,949 stitches

    JD064_20 T Ties
    61.5mm x 79.9mm
    7,099 stitches

    JD064_20 U  You
    62.2mm x 76.2mm
    7,528 stitches

    JD064_20 V Vet
    78.5mm x 89.4mm
    6,249 stitches

    JD064_20 W Whip
    97.7mm x 83.5mm
    15,768 stitches

    JD064_20 X X-CENTER
    96.5MM X 94.6MM
    11,190 stitches

    JD064_20 Y Yearling
    89.7mm x 90.4mm
    10,507 stitches

    JD064_20 Z Zorse
    93.0mm x 84.0 mm
    10,667 Stitches
    This is a fun alphabet
    of what you will
    find around
    the horse farm

    You can create lots
    of fun horse phrases
    Great Quilt using Around the Barn Letters and other designs!

    Christina Clyesdale

    Do not Email my designs - Instead, I would like you to Send by Mail my ordered Designs on a CD or Diskette    

    Shipping $10.00   (this does not include the price of designs)







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    It is a violation of copyright law to sell, trade, copy, transfer, share with friends or send by e-mail copies of these designs!  Designs may be stitched onto items for sale or for gifts.  Further information may be found in the text file associated with each design.

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