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    In the Hoop






    All for 4x4  Format   

      $19.95                Little Royalty

    These designs are so much fun!!! 
    You can make hundreds of different scenes with these cute baby horses. 
    Sew them on felt, add a magnet and kids can have hours of fun making their own scenes. 
    These are great for baby blankets, bibs, onesies and tees. 
    Designs are simple and sew so quick! And better yet, all 23 designs included.

    The combinations are endless!!

    All Designs fit in the 4x4 hoop

    Combine them for your own unique design!

    Colts, Fillies, Carrots, Apples, Grass, Flowers, Fences, Butterfly and Blue Bird



    JD139_1 Princess

    Height: 47.0mm
    Width: 40.3mm
    Stitch Count: 2389
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_2 Prince

    Height: 49.7mm
    Width: 51.1mm
    Stitch Count: 2256
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_3 Little Lady in Waiting

    Height: 44.7mm
    Width: 51.4mm
    Stitch Count: 2529
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_4 Little Knight

    Height: 46.1mm
    Width: 57.3mm
    Stitch Count: 2554
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_5 Apple

    Height: 12.2mm
    Width: 12.0mm
    Stitch Count: 286
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_6 Carrot

    Height: 26.4mm
    Width: 12.7mm
    Stitch Count: 340
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_7 CarrotBunch

    Height: 31.3mm
    Width: 31.7mm
    Stitch Count: 995
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_8 GrassPatch

    Height: 19.8mm
    Width: 57.5mm
    Stitch Count: 758
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_9 Fence

    Height: 25.1mm
    Width: 39.7mm
    Stitch Count: 1650
    Number of Colors: 1

    JD139_10 Fence LG

    Height: 33.2mm
    Width: 52.4mm
    Stitch Count: 2648
    Number of Colors: 1

    JD139_11 Grass

    Height: 14.1mm
    Width: 68.0mm
    Stitch Count: 823
    Number of Colors: 1

    JD139_12 Grass

    Height: 25.5mm
    Width: 75.3mm
    Stitch Count: 2799
    Number of Colors: 1

    JD139_13 Grass

    Height: 28.3mm
    Width: 39.1mm
    Stitch Count: 233
    Number of Colors: 1


    JD139_14 Flowers

    Height: 25.1mm
    Width: 76.1mm
    Stitch Count: 2738
    Number of Colors: 4


    JD139_15 Heart

    Height: 17.3mm
    Width: 23.0mm
    Stitch Count: 493
    Number of Colors: 1


    JD139_16 Butterfly

    Height: 10.3mm
    Width: 19.8mm
    Stitch Count: 303
    Number of Colors: 2


    JD139_17 Flower

    Height: 22.7mm
    Width: 32.6mm
    Stitch Count: 762
    Number of Colors: 3


    JD139_18 Flower SM

    Height: 15.4mm
    Width: 22.2mm
    Stitch Count: 473
    Number of Colors: 3


    JD139_19 Flower

    Height: 28.6mm
    Width: 20.2mm
    Stitch Count: 677
    Number of Colors: 2

    JD139_20 Princess Crown

    Height: 18.0mm
    Width: 23.3mm
    Count: 864
    Number of Colors: 3

    JD139_21 Prince Crown

    Height: 22.4mm
    Width: 28.3mm
    Stitch Count: 1346
    Number of Colors: 4

    JD139_22 BlueBird

    Height: 23.0mm
    Width: 31.2mm
    Stitch Count: 1088
    Number of Colors: 4

    JD139 Combo_1

    Height: 82.3mm
    Width: 97.3mm
    Stitch Count: 6157
    Number of Colors: 6

    JD139 Combo_2

    Height: 75.4mm
    Width: 87.5mm
    Stitch Count: 6301
    Number of Colors: 6

    JD139 Combo_3

    Height: 93.4mm
    Width: 92.1mm
    Stitch Count: 5193
    Number of Colors: 5

    Lettering only included on the combo designs.


    Sample ***  slightly larger than 4x4

    Height: 75.0mm
    Width: 115.0mm
    Stitch Count: 9672
    Number of Colors: 8


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    Shipping $10.00   (this does not include the price of designs)







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