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    Created by Genny

    JD131 Spirit

    12 Designs Available in 3 Sizes

     4x4  Format       $40.00    

    5x7  Format       $42.00    

    6x10  Format      $45.00    

     All Sizes  Format       $65.00 

    Click Here to see Companion Set

     Both Companion Set and JD131      $69.99 

    Created by Genny

    These Native American designs talk to you.  Let them come alive on your next project.

    JD131_1  Moonlight

    4x4 45.9 mm x 98.7 mm 7,550
    5x7 126.4 mm x 164.0 mm  14,880
    6x10 184.4 mm x 141.7 mm   20,403


    JD131_2 Dream Catcher

    4x4 43.4mm x 82.8 mm 4,478
    5x7 77.7mm x 149.1 mm 11,744
    6x10 117.7mm x 227.0 mm 21,979

    JD131_3 Floating Feathers

    4x4 51.2 mm x 96.3 mm 4,274
    5x7 92.1 mm x 173.7 mm 10,438
    6x10 112.7 mm x 213.7 mm 14,324

    JD131_4  Medicine Wheel

    4x4 71.1 mm x 96.7 mm 9,748 
    5x7 128.7 mm x 175.6 mm  21,828
    6x10 148.5 mm x 203.0 mm 26,965

    JD131_5 Running Spirit

    4x4 61.0mm x 93.0 mm 7,501
    5x7 109.4mm x 167.5 mm 17,744
    6x10 141.8mm x 217.7 mm 26,665

    JD131_6 Chief

    4x4 96.3 mm x 71.9 mm 8,882
    5x7 116.1 mm x 155.3 mm 17,136
    6x10 186.3 mm x 139.1 mm 22,230

    JD131_7 Mystic

    4x4 99.3mm x 82.4 mm 11,051
    5x7 154.9mm x 128.6 mm 21,316
    6x10 178.8mm x 148.8 mm 26,500

    JD131_8 Spirit Guide

    4x4 96.4mm x 84.7 mm 9,675
    5x7 145.9mm x 128.4 mm 18,723
    6x10 168.4mm x 148.2 mm 23,926

    JD131_9 Tipi

    4x4 79.8mm x 99.2 mm 11,113
    5x7 121.4mm x 150.6 mm 22,558
    6x10 140.2mm x 173.6 mm 29,031

    JD131_10 Flute

    4x4 91.9mm x 72.9 mm 7,851
    5x7 153.7mm x 121.6mm 17,155
    6x10 183.8mm x 148.7mm 17,592

    JD131_11 Mask

    4x4 74.0mm x 98.0 mm 14,515
    5x7 119.8mm x 159.1 mm 24,798
    6x10 138.1mm x 183.5mm 42,614

    JD131_12 Mask Applique

    4x4 70.3mm x 93.5 mm 8,380
    5x7 119.8mm x 159.1 mm 19,696
    6x10 138.1mm x 183.5 mm 24,810

    JD131B Spirit Accessories


     4x4  Format       $34.00            

    Perfect for Completing your Native American Project


    JD133B Bear

    63.9mm x 75.9mm
    5,663 stitches

    JD133B_2 Button

    4x4 - 78.7mm x 24.1mm
    2,442 stitches

    JD133B_3 Hand

    72.2mm x 92.7mm
    11,600 stitches

    JD131B_4 Buffalo

    85.7mm x 85.7mm
    6,173 stitches

    JD131B_5 Feather Horse

    50.3 mm x 23.2 mm
    1,380 stitches

    JD131B_6 Weave

    93.3 mm x 24.4 mm
    42,614 stitches

    JD131B_7 Symbol

    76.3 mm x 34.6 mm
    2,429 stitches

    JD131B_8 Dress Feather

    39.8mm x 96.4 mm
    4,243 stitches

    JD131B_9 Buttonhole

    50.0mm X 97.1mm
    2,083 Stitches

    JD131B_10 Tomahawk

    72.7 mm x 64.1 mm
    3,495 stitches

    JD131B_11 BLANK

    50.0mm X 97.1mm
    1,493 Stitches


    Combo the 4x4 Design to get larger designs - See what you can achieve!







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    Shipping $10.00   (this does not include the price of designs)







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